1. MPhil in Education

My Current Research is a Practice-Based MPhil in Education: Decolonising African Costume and Textile – Naming, Symbols and Meaning in the Ghanaian Context.

I am a researcher in Education with an interest African Fashion and Textile as Objects in Migration. My MPhil Research in Education is on Decolonising textiles from a Ghanaian New-Scot perspective. I also work as a Part-Time Research Assistant on The MiDEQ Hub . This website hosts the exhibition of my African fashion and textile research practice which accompanies my MPhil in Education thesis submitted for examination at the College of Social Sciences, School of Education, University of Glasgow Scotland. This online photo exhibition replaces the planned live exhibition, in response to the challenges of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

2. South-South Migration Inequality and Development Hub (The MiDEQ HUB)