This short film on Kente weaving created directed and produced by Gameli Tordzro is presented by curtesy of Glasgow Museums and Glasgow Life. It showcases the making of and wearing of Kente as part of an important Ghanaian cultural heritage in the context of New-Scot African diaspora cultures in Glasgow Scotland

This Digital Exhibition

is in response to the challenges COVID-19 posed to a physical and live exhibition which was originally planned to present the production aspect of my research practice for the degree of MPhil in Education.

Hand Woven Kente Cloth From Bonwire:

Worn by Professor Alison Phipps to play the role of an international live model for Naa Densua’s designs. A decolonising turn as against a cultural appropriation move.

Prof. Alison Phipps in her Kente Skirt Suite ‘Speaking with Cloth and Words’ at the European Union Brussels

OBAA SIMA The Design Sketch

Initial design sketches based on the idea of a meeting point of Ghanian textile and the western styled wedding gown.

Obaa Sima Back Design Sketch
Obaa Sima Front Design Sketch

‘OBAA SIMA’ as part of the The Kelvingrove Galleries and Museum Cultural Connections Installation

Commissioned by Glasgow Life as part of the collection

Tie Dye Textile Created and Produced with Participants at Noyam African Dance Institute.

From Textile to Costume:

Working with Ha Orchestra on the 5th Anniversary Celebration Performance at the St Cecilia’s Hall – University of Edinburgh at the European Conference on African Studies (ECAS) 2019

Wax Prints

Since the establishment of wax and roller prints industry in Ghana over a century ago, the industry has provided clothing and determined fashion trends in the lives of Ghanaians. Wax and Roller prints has become a platform for Ghanaians and a shared culture that cuts across ethnic boundaries and taste in fashion in an environment where there is a constant fusion and  mix of cultures. Wax and roller prints reflects on and addresses some of the communal and environmental issues that occur and affect the society.